Friday, May 11, 2012


Custom 3D Newly Wed Couple Figurines - @
These figurines were delivered to my customer's on 10th May 2012 and today we got a feedback's from customer's saying that it had no resemble. It quite puzzle us as if just based on the photo customer's send to us to sculpt both the figurines, it should had a pretty closed resemble.

And during the sculpting or making process. After the heads been scultped, we did even email to customers both the sculpted head proofs for customers to preview and approval before baking it. This additional head proofing process was provided to customers FOC so to ensure that a certain level of resemble to the photo will be met. This process are provided to all customers FOC but orders will have to be process as standard order process in order to have this process included.

Anyway, we will love to hear feedback's or comment's from out blog readers on these figurines resemble.

Pleas take note : On our website, this is what we usually promised our customers :-
* As this is a 3D caricature figurine, we promised our customers a 60 - 70% resemblance to the photo supplied but not the real person as artists refers to the photo to sculpt & hand-make the figurine.