Sunday, September 19, 2010


Why Choosen Unusually Figurines

Being the founder's of custom 3d caricature clay figurine for individual for the past 15 years were not easy. We had always created new & interesting " One & Only " products or designs and only after to find out that others just duplicate, copied and followed ...

On one of our blog post, we had mentioned that we had trained more than 800 over artists for the past 15 years and later became our competitors working for others ... But we actually welcome this provided they competed with us fairly on workmanship, services & most important the materials been used. As only with competitions, than you will improve.

But too bad, what we found out that these were not the case. We had always spend more than 4-5 times in cost for getting materials as compared to others. We had to make sure that our materials been used will be in the top range since we were doing quite a numbers of big brands world-wide and also doing in Japan market's which they really tested & QC your products very strictly.

On this, we will promised our valuable customers that we will not lower our standard in order to match our competitors in prices by compromising on quality & workmanship. We rather lost out some business but maintained out products quality, workmanship and services too ... We will not want to make abit more profit or money and ruined our 15 years in this art business reputation 's ... : ))

Lastly, we will wished to highlight to consumers & customers that for standard order's, we will provide you sculpted head proof's for approval to ensure resemble of the figurine to the person's photo. It mean that once we sculpted the head out, we will put it beside the person's photo and take a picture to send to you for approval before we baked the head of the figurine. This will to ensure the figurine resemble level. So during this stage, comments can be given so to improve on the figurine resemble if there is a need.