Sunday, April 11, 2010


Personalized 3D Figurines Done For National Youth Network - NYC

Customer's Request :-

Hi Adam,

My organization would like to present our members with a gift of appreciation for their involvement in our committee for the past 2 years. Your company offer personalised gifts that are thoughtful and professional which we think are ideal as appreciation gifts.

A little background on our members: these members are a group of successful business leaders and entrepreneurs and have offered their valuable time and effort in participating in this voluntary group. the formation of this group is exclusive in nature and only by invitation.

I have looked at your website at your designs, is there any suggestion for figurines that reflect the following qualities: successful and young professionals with a heart, with global outlook.

We are looking at making around 30 of such figurines. Please get back to me on some proposed creations and a quote/range. we would need the figurines to be ready by mid week November. would appreciate a response soon.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you need further clarification at DID 6839XXXX.

Thank you.




This were done a few months back for National Youth Council (NYC) - Youth Network. Think it were meant as an appreciation gift's for their committee members to thanks them for their services. Just only post up a few for portfolio purposes only ...

Actually we had done quite a numbers of corporate job's and mainly all were as appreciation gifts either for their staffs, distributors, working partners, as door gifts etc ...