Saturday, August 1, 2009


Customized Cooperate Gifts In Singapore

Edelman Custom Male & Female Figurines  (10)

This was a cooperate job's done for one of the top " PR Agency " globally. It was meant for their Singapore employees for their 20th years anniversary celebration.

They had chosen our standard designs but we had put in an extra efforts for them by amending the colors of the male & female figurines attires so to at least had a few different feel since they had orderred around 40pcs for their event's.

Feedback :-

Hi, Adam,

Our staff were thrilled with their individual mini-me. Only a minority felt the dolls did not really look them but they could see that their features were on the doll. But, aiyah, everyone wants to look handsome or pretty.

Anyway, I need to send some back to you for repair work. The fringe on my doll broke in two places L I tried super gluing them back but it looked ugly. So, I think I should leave it to the expert. I hope to have all the dolls that need some repair work by Thursday so that you can collect them on Friday, can? I’ll have the cheque ready to hand to you as well.

Judging by the response, I think there will be a lot of referral business. One consultant wants to suggest this to a client as a gift for the journalists when there is a press conference. I hope that you will get lots and lots of referral business.





Thanks to Ms Agatha for her support. She actually called me to discuss on this project's when I was at Taiwan to attend a interview & meeting etc ...And we actually finalised this job's within 12hrs after our conversation's.

Usually giving customized figurines for your employees during your company's D&D, anniversary celebration etc will be a great hit. Plus they will loved to show around to colleagues their very own mini me of themselves & due to miss handled, a common problem will be fringe been chip off etc. For such cases, we had already advised client's that they could send back to us and we will fix it for them FOC since we can already foresee after doing so many cooperate orders and events.