Friday, March 6, 2009


Custom 3D Caricature Hockey Figurine

Recently got alot of enquires for hockey design so decided to re-post this hockey design for the benefit of all hockey fans out there who wish to make themselves in an hockey attire & posture.

This done up figurine was also a cooperate order's. Think was either for their boss farewell or birthday gift.

The " C " at his jersey was actually an added on. And behind the jersey, a name and number was added too. C mean captain and the customer's actually wanted to represent that their boss was their leader leading them.

Nearly 95% posted pictures were all my customers done up figurines. So was actually keeping it as our portfolio purposes. So, if anyone who actually don't wish to have their done up figurine's picture been posted at our blog. Just either informed us by contacting us at +65-91715659 or drop us an email to and tell us about it by quoting your order number to us for reference. If not, it will be pretty hard for us to track as we had done more than 100k figurines these past 6 years globally.