Friday, December 18, 2009


Unusually Creation Mini Studio Workshop -

Unusually Creation Mini Studio Workshop -

* Just finished the interview. Heard from them that it will be shown on 22nd Dec 2009 Channel 8, 1830hrs news. Haha, maybe for 1-2 minutes or less.. Channel 5 news might have too as it was conducted in two languages...

Actually yesterday was doing a simple cleaning up of my mini studio workshop as today have an interview by mediacorp channel 8, 1830hrs news reporter coming over to do a short interview with me.

Throw away alot of un-used materials and shifted alot of things to another room.

Sorry for the lack of blogging recently as during these festive season's. Been very, very busy
and also been flying back to my main office and factory to help out and also to train more
artists to prepared for next year.

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