Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Custom Digital Birthday Theme Caricature Drawing

Customer's Request :-


My boyfriend is currently studying overseas and his birthday is coming. I would like to place an order from you and collect it personally at Unusually HQ.

Kindly refer to attached for the photos. I would like to add in names to the drawing. When is the estimated time i can go over to collect the drawing from you?

Theme/Model: Q Digital Birthday Theme Caricature Drawing (UCCD-HBCD)
Names added: Carol & Christopher

Feel free to let me know if you need any further assistant.

Thank you and best regards,

Carol Chua

Feedback :-

Hi Adam,
Thanks alot for your artwork. It is very nicely done! Good service and prompt reply to the emails too!! xD

Could you send me a soft copy of the artwork so that i can keep it, as i am sending the original to my boyfriend overseas.


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Anonymous said...

lol the boyfriend of his is illbreed and ugly. No joke he looks like steven lim!