Monday, August 11, 2008


Plaza Singapura Push Cart (Unusually Creation)

After 5 years of efforts. Right now, relied alot on past customers referrals & also through words of mouth as mainly doing online right now.

We had ran a few push carts before these few years at Plaza Sin, Parkway Shopping Centre, Bishan Junction 8 etc. We also worked with few distributors before. But eventually right now decided to mainly concentrate to do it online and also handle all orders, enquires etc personally.

Over these 5 years, did realise that distributors will tend to just concentrate to make money and always neglected customers concerns & benefits. And they will also push the prices higher in order to make more money plus they will also feed customers with wrong info's ...

Below is an enquires ... Encouraging mail ...At least my customers are making good comments & remarks about our services & products ...

An enquires came in as follow:-

From : Inez
To :
Date : Wed, Aug 20, 2008 at 3:20 PM
Subject : Enquiries on mobile strap dolls


I heard about your company from a friend, who was very impressed with your product.Good job, guys :}

I'm ending my internship sometime end of next month, and was thinking of making some mobile strap dolls for the people in my dept. They treated me really well, and would like to say thanks. Thought your dolls would make such great gifts. How much would it cost to make ten personalized ones? Last I heard, one was about 30bucks? Is there any chance of a discount since I'm ordering ten pieces as well?