Sunday, July 27, 2008


Custom 3D Caricature Trendy Best Friend Bobblehead Figurines
This was actually ordered by my customer's for her best friend. She actually met up with me with her hubby to discuss about this order 3 weeks ago.

Last Thursday, they collected this done up figurines at my place and was very happy with the end products. But on Sunday, received a call from her hubby telling me that they accidentally damaged the hairs for both dolls. And whether I could helped out with the repaired immediately as they were going to give to their friend on the day itself. (Still can remembered received his call at around 2pm++ on Sunday)

Our of goodwill as he told me his wife was very upset over this incident's. I rushed back with my family's waiting for him to bring the doll to me for repaired. Around 4pm he came over to my place and the extend of damaged were worst than what I had expected. I spend around 1.5hrs to get it back to it original state with some changes to one of the doll hairstyle. : p

My customer's wanted to pay me for the services but I never took as I can really feel they really appreciate our products and they were sincere and friendly too. Maybe artist's all have wired character's...Usually for such services, I will collect at least SGD 50 per figurine or doll repaired.

But he did treat me to few cigarettes while I am doing the repairing... Hahaha : p

Today received his wife email as below :-

From : Vivien <>
To : "Adam Koh (" <>
Date : Thu, Jul 17, 2008 at 9:26 AM

Subject : Wonderful Dolls

Hide details 9:26 AM (2 hours ago) Reply

Hi Adam,

Suppose to email you to let you know that my friend loves the dolls very very much, but was not feeling well the past few days. She was so surprise; never expect I have given her the dolls as her gift! She took the picture of the dolls immediately that day and posted it on her friendster blog.

Indeed very nice and I nearly keep it for myself! Adam, really thank you for all your effort. YOU ARE REALLY GOOD MANN!

Best Regards

Vivien King

Hehe...It always good to be appreciated. Singaporean still very stingy of doing so. But for my western customers at US & Euro markets. We always received compliments or thank you emails when they received their figurines.

Anyway, I too welcome suggestions, complaints(if any) etc...Right now, we don't really have any complaints from customers when they collect their dolls/ figurines....