Friday, May 30, 2008

Full Custom 3D Caricature Figurine Made To Look Like U !!!

Full Custom 3D Caricature Bulk Order Figurine 1
This was actually a bulk orders for 2,500pcs for a US customer's last year. Actually was doing for a resturant which each year on their anniversary day, they will create an unique & special bobblehead figurines as a give away. This project was actually done throught the restaurant assigned marketing company's.

They basically pass us an artwork and we just based on that to create the boblehead figurine out. Think it was a very good marketing ideas. As the figurine base actually had their contact nos, website address & email all around the base.

It was very kind of them to send the following email to us after they received the figurines:

" Hi Adam:

I wanted to give you notice that I am starting to work on the bobble head for 2009 and will be looking for pricing from you. The bobble for 2009 will be at least as detailed as the one for this year. By the way, my customer says that this year’s bobble head was the best they have ever had—you really did an outstanding job. The quantity will be the same (2500). I am hoping to be able to give my customer the same price as last year with maybe a little extra to account for the increase in fuel costs. Please let me know if you can quote (based on the detail of the 2008 bobble head) an approximate price for the 2009 bobble head. The artwork will be ready in a few weeks after all the revisions so I won’t have that for you to base the price on but you can use the 2008 bobble head for similar comparison for the amount of detail.

Best regards to you and your family,

Steven Zahm "