Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Different Between Painted & 100% Hand-Made Bobblehead Figurine

As promised...Post up these to show you guys the different between the traditional painted version of bobblehead compared to the latest 100% hand-made version of bobblehead.

The 100% hand-made will be more close to actual person in the finishing. The complexion will look better and this is what we meant 3D custom bobblehead figurine. Those painted one are more 2D and don't really looked good.

Those artists who tell a whole load or chunk of reasons on how good it is as a painted version are all bull-shit and craps. This is because they can't do it in 100% hand-made and only able to do in painted version...

So with this pictures..Think you guys should see clearly which are better. Right now, we are the Only One able to do Bobblehead Figurine in 100% hand-made...


Custom 3D Caricature Bobblehead American Football Figurine Made To Look Like U !!!

This design can be made as either fixed or bobblehead. What you mean by bobblehead?

Basically the head of the figurine will be able to bobble (move).

Announcing another BREAK-THROUGH that we had done...Right now we are the Only One that will be able to make Custom 3D Caricature Bobblehead Figurine totally 100% hand-made with resin clays. So the done-up bobblehead figurine will have a more 3D effect and more realistic feel.

Bobblehead figurines had been around for more that 20years. But it were mostly only done for famous peoples in large quantities. All of which even till today were done up in painted version which looked ugly and very plasic.

For bobblehead figurine making process. It was first sculpted and that send to fabricate into mold and cast it out. Once the head had been casted. They will paint on it. So, instead of 3D effect. It become 2D instead. But that was the only to do it as if the head & neck area were made by resin clays. Once they bobble, it will crack. So, to made the figurine in painted version will be the only way.

Consumers might not see the different. But in the upcoming post. I will show you the different between 100% hand-made bobblehead & the traditional painted bobblehead.

A Break-Through that no other had been able to do so. Ya, the photo shown above for the new standard body is a 100% hand-made bobblehead figurine. Can you guys see any different from the painted version. Actually all the previous postings regarding on bulk orders that done for Taiwan President's Election & mascot etc. They were what we said painted version bobblehead.

Anyone keen to understand or find out more what the different. Feel free to drop me an email.