Sunday, April 13, 2008


This was the very 1st article's that introduced our Unusually Custom 3D Caricature Fixed or Bobblehead Doll or Figurine that came out on " 联合晚报 " during the year of 2004...

That time we just officially launched our Unusually 3D Custom Caricature figurine for less than 2 weeks when this article's was published. But Singapore office was set-up much earlier in the year of 2003 and we took more than half year to get it officially ready to launched.

Still can remembered the very 1st day when we started our 1st push cart at Plaza Sin. There were crowds through-out the whole days from 10am - 10pm. Just imagine, we had 6 persons around to serve customers on that day itself, yet still kept alot of customers waiting.

If you want to own an unique & execlusive Custom 3D Caricature Dolly or Figurine of yourself or your loves ones...Remember always look for the best since it not a product that u going to buy everyday. I can said right now our custom doll or figurine should be the best you can see in the markets in any part of the world.

My customers can tell you why as I had around 40% repeat customers who had grown with us and they can also see the different in quality. Right now, our doll or figurine finishing will have a secret process, so to make the complexion of the dolly to be as close to real person complexion. Haha..even our last time done up doll or figurine, our quality was still already far better than any others in the markets.

Any artists out there, don't mis-lead consumers that saying that you guys are the best, cheapest etc. You will know clearly your standard were not even 50% of our standard so be sincere with consumers and yourself too. Plus pls don't used non approved clays & paints that will cause harm as to save some $$$ & make more profits.

Just making a remark : -

" You guys should know where your artists or your suppliers picked up their skill from ? Just remembered, we will always be at least 1-2 bounds in front of all of you. Since we created & founded this products more than 10yrs back." Wake Up Your Ideas....


Custom 3D Superman Figurine on Heart Frame

This is one of our latest design's and the base the dolly standing on is also a photo frame by itself. Mother & Father Days are round the corner. Thinking of getting them something unique, funny & exclusive for them so to express to them their position in our heart's. Remember that in order to avoid to pay surcharge, placed your order's earlier as standard delivery takes ard 2-3 weeks. This is only apply to Singapore customers.

Those who need it less than 2 weeks, pls contact us directly. An additional surcharge of SGD50.00 will be charged.