Friday, April 4, 2008


Will post all the standard designs backgrounds/ bodies over here:-

We called this the "JAPAN THEME "

How it work:

1. Send us your fav. photos & tell us which background u preferred.

2. When we rec. your order's, will start to draw your head's into caricature/ cartoon style and replaced the bodies of the Japan Theme with your drawn head's. This can be either order for 1 person or couple's. If u need to add name, pls informed us accordingly.

3. Once done with the drawing. You can either just buy the drawing from us which cost SGD50/per head or you can choose from a range of products to get the drawing in-print onto it. (eg. Pillow Cusion (3 sizes), Organiser, Fridge Magnets (6pcs), Pins(6pcs), Mugs, T-Shirt, Bags, Bobblehead Doll, Keychains and many, many more...)

4. For the first time you send your photos to us to draw. There will be a drawing/ artwork cost. But if next time after u already had your drawing done by us. And u want to come back to in-print on more products. Just quote us your drawing nos & we will charged u only on the products u purchased.

Need more info's, feel free to contact us...