Saturday, March 1, 2008


Had just came back to SIN after 8 mths away at my production site.

The greatest achievement's got this time was that we finally manage to work with Sario (Hello Kitty) through our reseller's in Japan.

We had worked with them to launch an exclusive Wedding Design that consist of the Wedding Couple's with Daniel & Hello Kitty as their Bridegroom & maid...

It came out on an article in the Straits Time 3 weeks ago.

But this design can only be placed with Sario - Copyright

Ooops...Getting late, have to catch up with works since I away for so long...


Thanks to all the support of my faithful customers...

It is my great pleasure to create An One & Only Custom Exclusive & Unique Gift's for the women or men you loved on their special day etc...

Really appreciate those who really appreciate our works. As these products are custom hand-made 2D & 3D caricature works. So to achieve a 100% resemble will not be possible.

But the actually fun part of this will be to make the real person be it men, women, kid's etc more cartoon so it will be more exciting & interesting.

Over these few years, had done a quite a nos of custom couple's dolls for the boyfriend to use it as proposal purposes. But till than, no one had invited me to their Wedding since I play apart in the whole proposing process.

From time to time, we will had funny request and wireld request to custom wireld or funny designs. Once, I had a group of students came to me to custom a doll for their form teacher. But the design will be to open up a hole on the "Ass" of the doll. They are trying to tell the teacher that she is the "Ass" to them... ; p And I still double confirmed with them before taking down their order. And the most recent " RA " order's I got was to custom made his girlfriend in a semi-nude 3D figurine soaking in a bathtub.

Another time, got a customer's who requested to add real arm-pit hairs to the doll. Disgusting...But we did do for her in the end using hairs instead of arm-pit hairs as requested.

Today will stop here as just back to Singapore after 8ths been away. Had to go back to work now.

Ya, anyone keen to market our products or had any contacts to place at retail malls? Feel free to contact me at 91715659 (Adam).

Cheers.... : p