Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Personalized Couple Figurines Dress In Newcastle & Arsenal Soccer Jersey

This was actually ordered by my customer's quite sometime ago. He contacted me and told me that he wanted to fully custom made a set of figurines meant to use it to propose to his girlfriend.
So we had a small discussion and finally decided on this design.

We had settled for this design was because he and his girlfriend were soccer freak. And both of them supported a different football team's. And that was why the male was dress in Newcastle jersey and the female was dress in Arsenal jersey.

As why the football was made as an open ball. Guess most of them reading my blog had already guess so. He intended to place the ring meant to use it to propose to his girlfriend in it. Initially he suggested to custom made a box so that he could placed the ring in it. But we told him that it would not blend well with the whole theme. And we suggested to custom made a football instead.
Last heard from him that he actually organised a small party & presented the custom figurines to her during the party & got her to open up the ball i n front of all their friends. And that was the moment he got down on his knee & proposed to his girlfriend. So sweet right...

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