Thursday, September 25, 2008


Custom Made Bobblehead Couple Figurines On Heart Frame

This was a rush job's done for Henkel Singapore Pte Ltd. It was meant as a farewell gift for their boss. It was rushed out within 10 days.

A feedback from the customer's:-

From :
To : Adam Koh <>
Date : Mon, Oct 6, 2008 at 10:16 PM

Subject : Farewell gift for our boss & wife -

Hi Adam,

Thanks for following up, yes, i have promised to get back to you :))

Sorry for the delay 'cos immediately after our Boss left, we were all so busy with our office move.. I've just settled into my new office (which is in the same building but some of us moved to 1st floor). I've just settled in today, infact :)

The figurine was very well received. Everyone felt it was awesome. Infact, we shared your contacts around. I'm sure you will hear from some colleagues eventually. You are right, the actual figurine looked so much like the couple. We could all easily identify MaXXX and BeXXX. He was of course very touched.

The nicest part was we did a montage and its ending was this figurine on the screen which read "We will miss you.." Next, our country manager presented it to him on stage. You could imagine "that moment". We had about 80+ staff present at the dinner.... Was a very touching moment.

Thanks for making it happen for us.

I was glad we all felt the money was well spent. I supposed the couple was touched by our thoughts and gesture. Everyone present was touched too..

Thank you once again.

Best regards,

Henkel Singapore Pte Ltd


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