Thursday, July 31, 2008

Revamp Male Golfer Design - Can be made into either fixed or bobblehead - Job done for Lionhart (Asia) Pte Limited

Custom 3D Caricature Fixed Or Bobblehead Male Golfer Figurine 1

This was a rush order placed last week. It was done for "Lionhart (Asia) Pte Limited" ...And they are bringing this to London to present to the person...

They contacted me last week and need it by this week as they will be flying off on 4th Aug 08 to London & wanted to bring the custom 3d figurine with them..

So, this order was placed as "Express" order and today it ready for collection. Waiting for their courier guy to pick up when I am typing this... : )

This is also our revamp "Male Golfer" design...Can anyone see the different...We had up-sized (haha MacDonald) the figurine height and also amended the grass base to a rectangle base instead of the old version oval base which was much smaller...This design can be made into either fixed or bobblehead figurine...

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