Tuesday, April 8, 2008


This will be a different products from our usual custom 3d caricature bobblehead figurine.

This will have to first drawn customer's faces to caricature/ cartoon faces and than they can choose from our list of standard backgrounds & bodies to match with it.

Once done, they can select from a list of our new launched products named as Mr Q Products.

Basically you can used the done-up drawings to be in-print onto Mug, Pillow, Mini-T Shirt, Magnet Pin, Magnet Can Opener Pins, Normal Pins etc.

But right now the products from the Q series range that are selling like hotcakes in Tawian, US, France, UK, Japan, Australia, HK, Korea etc will be the 2D Bobblehead figurines. Think it wil be a hit in Singapore too.

Looked out for our New Upcoming products " Mini Custom Phone Strap 2D Caricature Figurine " that you can bring around with you.

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