Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Personalized 3D Diver Figurine
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Hi Adam,

Thanks for the figurine, my husband really loved it : D




Sharing this incident's in our blog is not to say who is right or wrong or pointing finger's on a particular customer's etc. We just like to get opions, comments or feedbacks whether we are solely in fault or customer's had been to nasty towards us etc ...

Incident's : -

We got a customer's order's around Feb or Mar 2009 and after we got it done up for customer's collection around Mar 2009, customer's came and picked up but in around Apr 2009, they send back to do some minor touch up and requested us to help to keep for them for a short while.

After the touch up been done up, we did inform customer's for collection and we only got a replied from them around early Nov 2009 that they had to store with us further as they were renovating their house. Than from than on, we never heard from them anymore till last few days (after around 1.5 years), suddenly customer's dropped us an email to check whether we still had their figurines or already been damaged etc.

We replied back to customer's nicely & apologise to explain to them that we could not locate it anymore at our place as around mid to late last year (2010), our place went through a full house painting and it might been cleared off by the painting workers etc. Plus it been kept too long and no further updates was sent to us regarding the un-collected figurines.

Than we get a "HELL" of accusations and nasty comments plus even dragged in my family's member in on customer's comments. (For this, it too long to write and we will not want to go into details). Anyway, we too also told customers it really quite impossible for us to keep tracked of every single un-collected figurines and keep following up with them every now and than as we are moving around few thousands figurines each month. So for around 2 years, how much figurines were moving around in our records.

And also to customer's privacy, we don't shared, sell or stored customers information's for too long as we had an habit of clearing away non-active customers data's after every 1-1.5 years. But she expected us to able to remember each customer's order by name, by contact etc. For this, it really quite impossible. We also explained to customer that since they were paying for the figurines, don't they think they should also at least keep us update on whether they still want their figurines or not. As we had cases' that customers contacted us that they no longer want their figurines (already paid) due to unforeseen reason's (eg couples no longer together etc).

Anyway, our website did also have this " Order Policy " stated as below : -

Our company will not be liable for any damages if merchandise is not collected after 30 days from the date of receipt. Order and deposit will be forfeited if merchandise is not collected after 30 days from the date of receipt.

Instead of using this order policy to protect our rights's. We told customer's that we will still try to locate the figurines in a last few boxes that we had stored at those temporary warehouse to see whether we can still locate it or not. For this, customers also started to make comment that why you never go to the warehouse and checked before you replied to me etc...etc...

But customers who had deal with us know that if I am in town, you will expect a quick reply from me. And what I replied to customers was that I could not locate your figurines at my place due to the above mentioned reason's (house painting). I can't be travelling to the warehouse (at Tuas area) every now & than whenever got such problem's plus I am not driving.

Now I even offered to say that I will find time to travel down and checked the last few boxes at the warehouse to check to see whether it can be located or not out of good-will. And surely will resolved this for her even it not our fault's from the beginning. Even we such promises & suggestion's, customers still been quite nasty to us in her replied email to us.... : ((

Customer's even mentioned that she will consider to share this with the media. But if she going to do so, hoped she will state the whole story in full and not removing away facts that not to her favors. But we will gladly let the media know about it as even till now, we find that we are not been judge or treated fairly. Customers who had deal with us before sure know that our services don't fail you and whatever we promised to you, we will try our best to deliver. Like this year alone, we had 2 customers who send back their figurines who bought from us around 2 years back for some minor repaired and touched up and even offered to pay us since they had causes the damaged themselves for mis-handling. But we told customers if they don't give us a time line for the repaired, we will fixed for them FREE OF CHARGE. If anyone doubt about it, we will gladly provide the customer's contact to verify...

Lastly, personally we felt that no retail's shops in Singapore will make such efforts or helped to keep your products for coming to 2 years for FREE OF CHARGE etc. And maybe in the beginning, if you had told them you need them to keep for 2 years etc, don't think they will even allowed you to do so. But instead of been appreciated by customer's for our efforts, now we are been reprimanded by customer's ..... : (( Sad ...

* Will loved to receive comments, feedback's, views on the above issue's and we can see how we can handle such incident's better next time (hoped won't
happened again, since this is the 1st
time after 15 years in this trade) and also further improved our services ... : ))

Sunday, March 20, 2011


Personalized USB Cartoon Feel Mini Doll

Pink Phone Dangler Mini Doll
Just sharing with All Our Unusually Friends & Blog Followers ... We will be launching " An Exciting & Interesting " 9-10cm tall cartoon feel mini doll soon ... The interesting part of this will be it can be made as a " Personalized USB Cartoon Feel Mini Doll " ... It comes with either 2G or 4G ... Ever think that one day, you will be able to own an USB with your own face or with your loved ones face's on it Beside making it as USB, you can also choose to make it into a phone dangler or key ring. This can be a perfect corporate gifts, D&D, wedding favors, door gifts etc. As you can have your company's logo in print on the mini doll attire. The material's used to custom made this mini doll will be PVC ... So it will be very lasting .... Stayed Tune ... It will be launched pretty soon ... Checked out at our website, or blog, to grap these once it launched ... At the pre-launched, we will be only launching 100 sets ... It comes with 2 colors. Either pink or white ... *** We already launched it in Japan and it really a BIG HIT ... : D ....

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


 Personalized Sweet Lovely Mermaid Figurine

Custom 3D Caricature Lovely Princess Figurine

Had been neglecting my blog for the past 1 month due to chinese new year and also valentine orders...

Will do some catch up with my blog from this month onwards as had quite a numbers or testimonial to share & also alot of new designs to launch too ...

To all our Unusually Blog readers or followers, pls take note. Standard order process for standard design figurines will need around 2-3 weeks ... Express order's will need around 10-14 days ...