Saturday, July 31, 2010


Unusually 3D Figurines

This post will to be further support what we had posted last few days ... For the past few days, we had received quite a numbers of feedback's from past, present & potential customers that they really liked the posting & explanations. And they requested us to post more explanations or comparison so that it will help them to better understand.

We had actually make 2 similar figurines in order to get this post up. On the left will be what we had done in the past (around 10 years back), and on the right will be our latest figurine workmanship & materials been used. I believe anyone reading this post can see the differences.

The reasons on why there were such a great differences were mainly due to 2 main reasons. First surely will be due to the workmanship & secondly was because of the materials been used.

Over the years, we had been sourcing the best materials all around the world in order to improve on the quality of the figurine. Around 3-4 years back, we managed to create our own exclusive polymer clay using a numbers of imported clays to get the best results. So now even our existing artists that were with us, do not know the actual mixture and content in it.

In doing this, our costing went up around 4-5 times due to the increase in the materials cost. But the prices of our figurines remained unchanged. We had absorbed the cost by cutting into our profits as we would want to make sure that been the creator & founder of 3D figurine for individual. We will always be the best in producing the best figurine not only on resemble, but also the completed figurine overall feel.

So friends, customers, consumers out there ... If u interested to get a figurine of yourself or your loved ones done. Please TAKE NOTE of these few points and also the figurines workmanship. Cheaper will not always mean good especially for customize products. There were too many factors & reasons involved in causing the different in prices.

For us, we will make sure that we will always be around to service our customers even if after 1-2 years when they need to bring the figurine back to us to do touch up. But provided the figurine was done by us. And we will provide u head proofing for standard order to ensure the resemble of the figurine been done.