Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Fully Customized 3D Suicide Bomber Figurine

Client's Request :-

From : jingal lee
Date : Fri, Oct 30, 2009 at 10:19 AM

Subject : hide details

Hi Adam,

1. Posture. We are fine with the posture in the suicide bomber sent earlier on. (whilte overall with red dynamites strapped around the waist and one arm raising high with a detonator)

2. face. I will send another front-shot photo of the guy after work.

3. skin tone. After looking at your chart, we would like to choose "No.6" for the subject.

Can I assume that you will be able to meet the required date? (19 Nov 09) Many thanks for your prompt response.


It not always good to be able to do a good and high resemble figurine. For this figurine, think we had done it in too high quality in resemble etc. And due to this figurine. More than 30 over of my figurines for my other customers were also been trapped at the custom clearance because of the nature of this figurine design's.

We had a hard time to get the shipment send out on 14th Nov 2009 to be cleared out due to this figurine. And running my Unusually Creation business in Singapore for coming to 8 years. This was the first time that I had my customers orders delayed. We had a hard time explaining to the customers been affected. But we managed to get them a replacement's customized item for them to present it for their occasions.

Finally it took us a long and tedious process to explain and finally got it cleared out and now this batch of figurines were finally here and ready to be send to my customers who been affected.

Decided to post it up to share with my customers who are reading my blog and also to make used of this chance to send our most sincere apology to them once again. And also thanks those customers for their kind understanding.