Thursday, October 22, 2009


Customized 3D Caricature Spiderman Figurine

Custom 3D Caricature Sweet Trendy Female Figurine -

Fully Customized 3D Caricature Male Clay Bobblehead Figurine

Fully Customized 3D Micky & Minnie Couple Figurines

For all order's placed with us at We will provide u head proof's for standard design figurine. This process will be to ensure the quality of the finish figurine resemble to the photo will be met.

As for fully customized figurines. There will be an additional body proof's be given for approval. This is to ensure the sculpted body posture & attires were made to your requirements.

This additional process actually increases our production cost as more man-power had to be committed to this process. But to ensure the quality & resemble of " Unusually Figurine ", we will be glad to do it since we were the pioneer who created these type of customized 3D figurines 15 years back...