Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Unusually Creation Figurine Are Always Better
Unusually Figurines Still The Best (Founder Of Custom Made Figurine)
For the benefit of my customers, we had decided to post again to show all our valuable customers why our figurines are so different and unusual.

First will be the quality of works. The materials used and also the years of experiences that we had been in this trade.

Custom figurine had been around for more than 40years. But all along, unless you are a famous person. If not, you will not be able to just made a piece of figurine of yourself or your loved ones for a small sum of money. Usually it will simply cost you more than 4 figures sum to able to do so.

15years back, we founded and started this custom 3D caricature figurine that you would only paid a friction of the amount compared to last time and you will be able to get a figurine that looked like you or your loved ones.

Over the years, we had artists which were trained by us and left us to start out on their own by recruiting few more artists and called themselves a studio and become our competitors eventually. But their years of experience with us were usually less than a year and so their works were also sub-standard. Plus due to high cost, they also getting much inferior materials and also paints used for the figurine bodies might have too high content of lead in it.

Right now as mentioned on my previous blog post. More than 85% of artists which are doing this were all formerly trained by us. And nearly 90% were all distributor's and they were not producer's. So they would not had control on the quality of materials used.

The biggest joke I heard today from a customer's was that someone claimed that they doing this locally. I just hoped that beside making money to survive in this society. Please be honest & sincere to customers. You should know who you are... And I believe you had been reading my blog and also copying the ways on how we are doing & marketing this products...

Was too piss off and decided to post this up. Do remembered we nearly sued you years back for infringement of copyright on the website issue's.