Tuesday, September 30, 2008


To all gals & guys who pop by my Unusually Blog or my Unusually Website at http://www.unusually.com.sg/. By looking at the picture posted, you will see why Unusually figurines are always the best in quality & resemble.

Actually we founded Custom 3D Caricature Figurine or Doll 13 years ago. We had been awarded as the "Founder Of Custom Made 3D Figurine". Right now, our figurines were sold globally either by ourselves or through franchisers, distributors etc.

Right now in the markets globally, we would gladly claimed that at least 80% - 85% who were in this trade were our former artists trained by us.

For consumers who were interested in this products...Looked for best quality & resemble as this were the main purposes of getting this products.

There were some peoples trying to claim or post themselves as the maker of these figurines. But basically they were just distributors or franchisers carrying these products. And that was why they had no control of the quality etc. Plus their suppliers were using inferior materials and inexperienced artists ...

As for us, we had been working with big brand's and also supplied to cooperate companies, politicians etc (Eg. Taiwan & US President's Election Custom Bobblehead Figurines Of the candidates ...) As our quality of materials used were on the top range quality. It had been send for testing and will be safe to sell globally.