Thursday, September 18, 2008

Latest Launched - Custom 3D Female Bobblehead Figurine

Custom 3D Caricature Female Figurine

This was actually ordered by a customer who actually wanted to give to his girlfriend on her birthday. But when he placed his order's, there was only around 5 days to his girlfriend's birthday. So it was actually given as a belated birthday gift.

As suggested to my customer. Usually on birthday or special occasion's. Our partner's will usually expected gift's from the other party. So it will have lesser surprises as they already expected a gift.

So, told him to just buy her a birthday cake on the actual day and keep the surprises of giving her the custom made figurine as a belated birthday gift. And he really did what i told him and only bought her a birthday cake to celebrate her birthday and was told by him that could see his girlfriend was quite disappointed with no gift given. : p

When the figurine eventually came in. I immediately contacted my customer and pass to him. Later the day, do a follow up with him and was told by him that his girlfriend was extreme surprised as she never expected to get the belated gift & was also a gift that she never expected. Lucky, this idea's suggested worked really well and my customer was really happy about it. And was told he would recommend more friends to me. : )