Saturday, April 12, 2008


This was done last year's. Happened to meet the in-charge of the temple who wanted to do something to thanks his volunteers who had been helping in the temple activities and events day in & day out.

Initially he wanted to do some glass plaques etc. Than happened to meet him through my ex-girlfriend and we started to talk about it and this was created. He actually wanted only less than 100pcs but eventually after seeing the 1st pc sample. He ordered 300pcs.

As their temple mascot/ logo was quite details. He actually only requested to custom a unique products that will have memorable value for his volunteers. And as for the logo, he said could just print & paste on it. But end of the day, we sculpted the logo's and design out a 3D Namecard Holder cum Paper Weight Products.

He was very impressed that with our works as all very fine details were also sculpted out too. And that was why he ordered more in the end.

When the products were done and delivered to him. I heard from my friend'a that it was very well received and it become their temple collectible item's. Who know one day it might worth a good sum of money as Worldwide only have 300pcs been produced.... ; p

Over the years, we had done quite a nos of custom cooperates products as either give away as souvenirs, door gifts, farewell gift's, election's limited candidates figurines etc. The recent Taiwan President's Election we had done figurines for the both candidates. And the on-going US President's Election, we too had done the 14 candidates bobblehead figurines.

Stay tune..Will post up more samples of what had been done these few years and you might be able to grap some ideas from here too for your next up-coming events you holding etc...