Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Custom 3D Caricature Pets Figurines

Basically this will be done as a full custom 3D Caricature Pet's Figurine (dogs, cats etc). Over the years, we had received alot of enquires asking us to do their favourite pet's (mostly were asking to do their dogs)with their figurine. But we had been pushing away the jobs even customers told us don't need to be very alike. Just need to be roughly around the same color of the pet's they owned will do. They even willing to pay few hundred for it. But we too also refused to do as we had our own principle that if we ourselves felt that our standard were not there yet. We will not want to do it just because of money and take up customers orders.

To us, unless we can ensured a certain level of resemble and quality. We will than take up the job or offer the services. We are not like any other artists or business owners who just grap the jobs or business and just do up a rough one.

Since we proudly announced to everyone that we, "UNUSUALLY " are the "Founder of 3D Caricature Doll or Figurine" in the market's. We will always take our services & quality of the done-up products as the most important factor to take care of.

In the markets, be it Singapore or other part of the world. We had competitors coming up to copy our products. But we also dared to claim that the present lots of competitors were more than 80% our former artists who left us after learning the basic of making dolly for ard 1yr and came out to to set up their own with 4-6 artists. So their works will be always far, far behind ours.

Presently, we had more than 80 artists at our productions and it is still increasing as we need to train them before they can start to do customer's dolly.

Those keen to find out more or wish to make a 3D custom doggy. Feel free to drop me an email or contact to tell me what u want. Now will be a pre-launched and I had not updated at my website ( yet.

Cheers.... : )