Monday, March 10, 2008


Had not been blogging for the past few days. Was been quite busy rushing here and there to deliver my customers orders to them.

As these are all 100% hand-made works. So, decided to send to customers personally as worried if pass to dispatch, they might not take good care of it & by the time customers received, might damage the dolls.

This order's was actually rush out and completed within 2 weeks. As they wanted to give to their good friend's during 6th Mar 08 when he will be presented with his cert. to been a qualify pianist.

Standard delivery for standard design's will be around 2-3 weeks but as for full custom design's, it will usually takes 3-4 weeks. If the figurines need to be done up in a shorter times, you will have to place the order's as Express Order & additional surcharge will be charged.